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Christine Marcin February 11, 2013 Public Knowledge Base / Troubleshooting & Solutions


All systems online


7/19/2014 -- We will be performing several minor maintenance tasks in the physical Sacramento server environment between the hours of 11AM and 1PM, including replacing a network cable, installing two redundant power supplies, and connecting certain new management devices.  User impact is expected to be none to negligible.  Certain connected users may experience a very brief performance impact while the network cable is being replaced.

Note: we reserve a general maintenance window Sunday mornings from 3:00AM to 6:00AM Eastern time.


Sacramento:  All systems online

Phoenix:  All systems online

Toronto:  All systems online


SUPPORT NOTE: Users running payroll in QuickBooks 2014 may receive an error stating that QuickBooks is unable to update tax tables.  Please click here for information on how to address this error.

The QuickBooks 2014 R6 update was withdrawn by Intuit, and an R7 release has now been made available.  Currently NovelASPect has suspended all QuickBooks 2014 updates pending testing of the new R7 update.

SUPPORT NOTE: There is a known problem with running Citrix on the latest version of Firefox (version 30).  Icons in the Citrix window will appear unresponsive and applications will not launch.  Click here for the fix.

SUPPORT NOTE: Canada clients currently using QuickBooks 2013 or earlier must upgrade to the latest version of QuickBooks in order to use the new July 2014 Tax Table Update for Payroll.  Click here for more information.

Intuit Alerts: Click Here


General Support
:  If you are experiencing any issues at all please call our 24/7 tech support team at 888-228-0143, or email us at



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